Postal Administration

Each day collections are made by An Post from the Dublin Mail Centre and the Portlaoise Mail Centre to collect Printpost mail. At the moment we have three scheduled postal collections in Dublin and two collections in Portlaoise.

PrintPost either holds a postage docket book or uses An Posts Edocketing service on behalf of the customer. The dockets required by An Post are completed by PrintPost and passed to An Post when the mail is posted. The postage is calculated from the audit reports generated by PrintPost. A copy of the postal docket and audit report is returned to the customer on completion of the mailing.

An Post through its Edocketing web service will automatically send an email to the customer confirming the receipt of mail sent by PrintPost.

PrintPost will also send a confirmation that documents have been posted which gives customers full visibility of when documents have been posted by PrintPost and when they were received by An Post.

Postal Management