Document Production

Client data is processed by PrintPost application software. The data is then securely and accurately printed, enveloped and posted. Documents produced fall into two categories:

  • Financial Documents - such as bills, invoices, and statements.
  • Direct Mail - such as mail shots, personalised letters and insertion of marketing materials.

PrintPost uses high speed laser printer technology for printing. All printing is carried out using A4 cut sheet paper. Laser printing inherently provides good quality and a high degree of flexibility. In addition to printing variable data our software combined with laser printer technology allows us to print what are known as "soft forms" in place of traditional pre-printed stationery.

Soft Forms are the standard elements of any document that was historically pre-printed, such as company logos, contact details, tables for information, etc. These can be printed at the same time as the variable data. This has obvious benefits regarding paper costs and material management.

PrintPost print soft forms in black and white. Any colour elements of a document will still need to be pre-printed. Forms can be designed in landscape or portrait orientation. Print can be on one or both sides of the paper. Cost savings can be achieved by adopting a common pre-print for all document types, typically with a customer logo in colour, enabling a variable soft form to be added together with the data.

The laser printing technology that PrintPost use is built for high speed, high volume and high quality printing. The machines we have give us the capacity to turn around work quickly and deal with the seasonal peaks we encounter.