Disaster Recovery

All full disaster recovery service is offered by PrintPost, from its two sites in Dublin and Portlaoise. Both sites are equally resourced and equipped to deal with each stage of the document production process, which means that each site can back up the services of the other.


PrintPost has critical service agreements for all printers and enveloping equipment on both production sites. Under the terms of the agreement if machine problems are encountered support engineers will be on site within 4 hours.


PrintPost has a disaster recovery plan in place in the event of site failure. Each site operates a 2 shift, 5 day a week production structure. In the event of a site failure the other site can move to a 24 hour, 7 day a week production structure for the period of a site failure. This gives us the necessary capacity to handle all work over a single site.

Materials - reserve materials are kept on either production site and off site, stored at the suppliers facilities.

Software - Back ups of all application data processing software are created regularly and stored off site.

In the event of site failure close contact will be maintained with our customers to provide updated production and crisis resolution information.