Security Overview

Security is a critical feature of the PrintPost service offering. The ability to guarantee that data which passes through PrintPost will remain intact and fully protected, that no operational errors will cause information to be leaked, misdirected or misused is the single most important consideration for any company considering PrintPost.

Both PrintPosts production sites are secure production environments. Each site is locked with restricted public access and only authorised personnel are permitted entry. Any non-PrintPost personnel must be accompanied at all times.

Security Features:

  • Fob and keypad access to both facilities.
  • Fob and keypad access to production.
  • Limited fob and keypad access to both IT.
  • All non PrintPost personnel must sign in when on site and be accompanied at all times by a member of staff.
  • Extensive internal and eternal CCTV camera coverage.
  • Secure locked cupboards for customer printed materials.
  • Highest possible levels of IT security are applied to our physical environment, the data we handle and the network environment.
  • PrintPost is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner as a Data Processor and does not store data on behalf of customers. Once processed and a customer job is complete, the data is erased from PC's and servers.