• OMR marks control the enveloping process. OMR is a form of barcode which tells the enveloping machine which controls the passage of each sheet as it passes through the enveloping equipment. This enables multiple page documents to be accurately enclosed into an individual envelope.
  • The OMR also identifies the sequence of pages as they go through the enveloping machine. If there is a break in the sequence caused by a double feed or a page missing, the enveloping machine stops and the operator has to identify and remedy the problem.
  • The OMR is combined with the security numbers to reconcile each job enveloped. The security number is visible through the window of the envelope and if the enveloped documents do not reconcile with figures in the Audit Report, the problem can be identified using the Security Numbers.
  • Any damaged documents are sent to IT for reprinting.
  • All stages of production are signed off as they are completed.
  • All employees of PrintPost are bound by a confidentiality agreement signed at the beginning of their employment.